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Discover Overlooked Secret This Parent Use To Raise Smart Children(Wait Until You See The Result In Your Child)

Posted by Tope Adeyeme | Published on Monday, November 2 | Reading Time 4 Mins Read 

I now have four(4) kids.(Who are all geniuses, I mean they are the best in their classes at school)
What did I do? And how did I make them so smart? Well, Something happened that led to my discovery of a secret which I will reveals in this 5 mins read


My firstborn child,  showed serious signs of dullness. First, she could barely learn words.

She struggled with speaking when she got to the age where most children start talking and this gave me serious concerns.

When I  enrolled her into school, she performed way below her mates. 

This had me so worried that I started making some research in hope to find out why and also come up with ways that can help my child become more smart.

I did some research on the internet and tried almost everything  I came across but really nothing was working! 

Fed up and at a point where I almost gave up I got an idea💡


I would talk to older parents and see if they know a way out...

 After having spoken to some older parents, I happened to speak with one of my long-time colleague who told me she had the same issues until she employed the use of educational toys.

She revealed that she was told by her friend who is a doctor and children education specialist… “introduce educational toys to you children as early as possible this will make them learn faster, pronouns words better and improve their creativity from a very young age”

Following this advice she had always bought educational toys for her kids(Who turned out smart and intelligent) from ages as early as 12 months old.

These toys have enormous advantages, and they help kids learn words faster, they help kids understand facts faster and overall make them smarter and adapt to learning processes.


She recommended an educational toy called the talking flash cards. Which she believes is the most effective educational toy for children.

Well, I took this advice and I decided that I will give it a trial..

Honestly, I was reluctant and did not expect much but WOW the result I got still amazes me

I bought the toy from an online store which she recommended to me. They call the toy Talking flash cards and it came with an extra FREE Writing Tablet for children!!!


In a matter of three months, her vocabulary improved and her performance in class also improved.

Ever since then, I have always made sure to invest in my children by getting them educational toys as soon as they are up to twelve months.

It has been amazing because all my kids are the top of their classes. In fact, you need to see them speak.

 Sometimes people wonder if there is a secret to it, to how smart my kids prove to be. But basically, it all boils down to educational toys. 

And a lot of parents overlook this, which shouldn’t be the case.

My recommendation to all parents is that they should invest in their childrens education while they are still very young by introducing them to educationaI toys .

What Is The Talking Flash Card And How Does It Work?

The toy is a flashcard machine that can speak out the word when you plug corresponding word card in the machine, imitating the sounds of animals and various vehicles, fun and scene-oriented, make the language lively and interesting, helps your child develop their concentration and memory skills.

The talking flash cards comes with the card reader, over 112 flash cards which has 224 words and Images ranging from different object to fruits, cars people etc.


What Others Parents Are Saying...

I brought for my 3 year old who hasn’t been talking much and he totally love it. It's a great buy for kids who are struggling to talk.
MR Samuel Adeyeme
I wanted some Learning Toys for my 18 months old daughter. This is really good and fun toy to make her learn new words and with Audio it is very interesting. We all like it.. Thanks
Chisom Adaeze
This item is perfect as a gift for those who want to enhance their child's intelligence and help them become a smart kid. You should definitely purchase it.
Mrs Zainab
This is a great tool for any home schooled child or just good educational fun. The voice is clear, the sound is adjustable, there is a repeat button. I've charged it just once and used it probably 8-10 hours. It also has an auto-shut off when left on.
Mr Oluwatosin
I bought this for my 2-year old nephew and she loves it. It's the perfect size for a little one's hands and has a drawstring bag to hold everything. The voice and sounds are very clear and she loves repeating the object's name and sounds. Nobody have to sit with her and show her how to slide the cards in so they don't bend by laying it on the table with the slot towards her dominant hand and sliding the cards in that way and she got it very quickly. It's great!!
John Doe

Where Can You Get The Talking Flash Card?

You can buy from the same website that was recommended to me by my colleague

They delivered exactly what I ordered and delivery was fast and FREE

Each Package Contained 

Which I got for a discounted price of N25,000 Honestly seeing my children spell and pronounce over 224 words which they 

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